Beginner Group

Areté Music Academy offers beginner-level group classes for the following instruments: piano, violin, guitar, and drums. These group classes provide a fun and interactive environment for young children to learn their first instrument. They are also an effective way to learn for beginners. Enrollment per class is limited. Registration is accepted on first-come, first-served basis.

Semester Program $400 includes 16 group classes per semester plus two 30-minute “one-on-one” lessons


Piano for Beginners30 min16 classes / semesterAge 5-8
Violin for Beginners30 min16 classes / semesterAge 5-8
Drums for Beginners30 min16 classes / semesterAge 7-9 & 10-12
Guitar for Beginners30 min16 classes / semesterAge 7+

Drums for Beginners

This introductory class offers hands-on experience for students to learn the basic techniques of drumming and rhythms and to explore different types of percussion instruments. Enrollment is limited. Registration is…

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Piano for Beginners

This is a multi-level group class designed for young beginners. Grouped by levels and ages, students learn in an interactive environment with their peers and progress with an age-appropriate curriculum.…

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Violin for Beginners

This introductory group violin program provides a fun and interactive learning environment for young beginners. With an age-appropriate curriculum, classes emphasize on posture, pitches, rhythms and other basic musical concepts.…

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Guitar for Beginners

This is an introductory class to guitar studies for young beginners. Students learn the fundamentals of music, including guitar techniques and music reading. Students must bring their own instrument to class.…

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