Early Childhood


Areté Early Childhood Program offers an extensive selection of music classes for kids from age 2-5. We believe that it is crucial to provide developmentally appropriate music education to children at such young age. Through singing, listening, moving, instrument exploration, and other guided activities these classes lay the groundwork for further musical study as well as a lifelong involvement in music and the arts.



Musical ToddlersAge 2-330 minutes / 8 classes
Meet the InstrumentsAge 3-545 minutes / 8 classes
Meet the PianoAge 3-430 minutes / 16 classes
Meet the ViolinAge 4-530 minutes / 16 classes



Sing Me a Story

This “mommy & me” class is designed to encourage music-making and imaginative play through interactive storytelling. Each class will include a movement warm-up, sing-alongs, a new or classic children's story, as well as various music…

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Meet The Piano

Through age-appropriate instruction and interactive musical activities, students explore the general concepts of piano/keyboard playing. The semester-long program focuses on identifying piano finger numbers, names of piano keys, high &…

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Meet The Violin

Through hands-on experience, this class explores the general concepts of violin playing. In addition to learning proper standing and hand positions, students will be introduced to names of the strings…

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Meet The Instruments

Through hands-on experience, students develop an awareness of the differences among instruments. Throughout the program, children will be introduced to at least one instrument from each of the four families of…

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