Violin Classes


Violin for Beginners

This introductory group violin program provides a fun and interactive learning environment for young beginners. With an age-appropriate curriculum, classes emphasize on posture, pitches, rhythms and other basic musical concepts.…

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Meet The Violin

Through hands-on experience, this class explores the general concepts of violin playing. In addition to learning proper standing and hand positions, students will be introduced to names of the strings…

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Chamber Ensemble

Students with 1-2 years of learning experience or with strong technical ability on their instruments have the opportunity to play and perform together with their peers in small ensembles. Piano,…

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Private Violin Lessons

One-on-one private lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Lessons meet once a week for 16 weeks per semester or 32 weeks per school year. Fall semester starts from mid-September to the end of…

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