Advanced Group Classes

Arete Music Academy offers a variety of group classes for students with intermediate to advanced levels. Classes such as Chamber Ensemble and Young Voices provide students an opportunity to work on teamwork and self-esteem. Programs like Pop Music on Keyboard and Guitar Hits are great classes for students who want to have fun with their instruments.



Guitar Hits

Learn to play your favorite tunes! This is an intermediate to advanced level guitar workshop. To join the class student must have the basic knowledge of guitar and/or have completed…

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Young Voices

Learn to sing in a healthy and gentle way! Every class begins with simple stretches and vocal warm-ups, followed by exercises of singing scales and intervals with solfège (do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si) and…

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Pop Music on Keyboard

Learn to play your favorite pop tunes on the keyboard! Students must have had 2+ years of experience or have strong music reading skills. 

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Chamber Ensemble

Students with 1-2 years of learning experience or with strong technical ability on their instruments have the opportunity to play and perform together with their peers in small ensembles. Piano,…

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