Arete Certificate Program

Arete Certificate Program is an elective program for students who are enrolled in private lessons at Arete Music Academy. With the Certificate Program, students can enjoy a well-rounded music education which includes classes like ear training, music theory, vocal ensemble, chamber ensemble, and jam session. There are many other benefits as well, including opportunities to participate in the Honors Recital and Master Class. All the elective classes are designed to foster musicianship and the development of discipline, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership.

Program Benefits:
  • Qualified students will be invited to perform at the Honors Recital and attend Master Classes
  • Tuitions for all non-beginner group classes (ear training, music theory, vocal ensemble, chamber ensemble, and jam session) are all included
  • Receive a certificate and trophy at the end of school year
  • Meet with the Director twice a year to learn about your child's progress and advancement
  • Priority registration - reserve your favorite lesson time and teacher in advance
Completion Requirements:
  • Complete a full year (Sept-June) of weekly private lessons
  • Complete 16 weeks of music theory or ear training classes
  • Students must show regular attendance, demonstrated effort, and artistic progress



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