Congratulations to our RCM students!

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed, and passed their level exams for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. These students took the exam remotely, and we are very proud of all of you for your hard work, and for making the adjustment to remote learning so well! Congratulations also to their instructors Mr. Michael Donahue,  Ms. Sarah Lee, and Ms. Christine Wu.

Aarush Santoshi (Guitar: Level 4- First Class Honors with Distinction) Mr. Michael Donahue

Avyay Manoj (Piano: Level 3- First Class Honors) Ms. Sarah Lee

Christopher Thompson (Piano: Preparatory A-First Class Honors) Ms. Sarah Lee

Daniel Mao (Piano: Level 5- Honors) Ms. Sarah Lee

Johann Alexander (Piano: Level 8- First Class Honors) Ms. Sarah Lee

Keya Chaurasia (Piano: Level 4- First Class Honors) Ms. Sarah Lee

Sebastian Vega (Piano: Level 2- First Class Honors) Ms. Christine Wu

Vinayan Chellappa-Ives (Piano: Preparatory A- First Class Honors with Distinction) Ms. Sarah Lee

Zimeng Liu (Piano: Level 2- Honors) Ms. Sarah Lee